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We are very pleased to announce that we are now producing the Cloud Tramp model as a complete kit exclusively for Flitehook.

 If you've never heard of it, the Cloud Tramp is a  22" span rubber powered model designed by American Charles H. Grant in the 1950's. Grant was an important innovator of aerofoil designs for Free Flight models.

 The Cloud Tramp uses one of Grants' aerofoil designs to achieve great flights of up to a minute and altitudes of 300ft. (with a lubricated motor). Cloud Tramps are still being built by enthusiasts from all over the World and competitions are held yearly across the World. A good web site to check out is The Cloud Tramp Homepage. This is the home of the famous Charles Hampson Grant Memorial International Mass Launch Of Cloud Tramps, more commonly know as GRANT MIMLOCT. This competition is now in its 12th year and still going strong. A scan of the original article which appeared in the August 1954 edition of Model Airplane News is available on the Plans Page Website Special Things page, just scroll down to Cloud Tramp. A download of the original plan is also available here.


(please note: These pictures show a Peck propeller, the kit comes instead with a propeller specially designed for it) 

Our Cloud Tramp kit is an ideal beginner's model that is very easy to build and fly. 

The kit comes complete with the following;

  • A redrawn plan.
  • Easy to follow instructions on Building, Trimming and Flying the model.
  • 18" Hard Balsa Stick for fuselage.
  • Pre-cut Wings, Tailplane & Fin. Using hand selected Quality Balsa.
  • 4 Laser Cut Wing Ribs.
  • Pre-shaped Dihedral block.
  • Pre-cut Wing Mounts & incidence block.
  • Pre-bent wire U/C.
  • Pre-bent Aluminium motor mount.
  • Pre-bent Prop shaft, Tailskid/Rubber Hook & S link.
  • Binding Thread.
  • Special Cloud Tramp plastic Propeller.
  • Rubber Motor.
  • Plastic Wheels.


So whether you're a beginner who would like something easy to build and great to fly, or an expert who just wants some quick easy flying fun then our Cloud Tramp kit is the ideal choice.

We don't sell these kits on our site so please contact Pauline at Flitehook and say we sent you !