FROG Models FROG Models Pup - Junior Series Mr Dennis Saxcoburg built this Junior Series Pup from our Prototype Kit. It Weighs 12g and has taxied round the living room! Nice lettering. 14414348 Pup - Junior Series Another view of Den's pup, we like the wheels he's used. Den is hoping to fly the Pup outside very soon. 14414349 Pup - Junior Series Front View of Pup By Dennis Saxcoburg. All in all a very nice little model, looking forward to the Tomtit pictures Dennis! 14414350 Tomtit - Senior Series Mr Edmond Hui built this Tomtit from our kit, a very tidy build. He reminds us to sand the laser burns as they do appear through the tissue. 14414351 Raven - Senior Series Mr Fraser Burgess built this Raven. He modified the nose block to take more rubber. It's flown indoors but Fraser is intending to increase the prop size and add more rubber. 14414361 Raven - Senior Series Another view of Fraser's Raven. Alloy tubes were used to retain the wings and the model weighs 27gm all up. 14414352 Redwing - Senior Series A lovely picture of the almost complete Redwing built by Mr Phil Morrell. It's covered with jap tissue and has a removable Nose block that holds a winding tube. A very tidy finish on the nose. Lovely! 14414353 Redwing - Senior Series The completed Redwing by Phil and very nice it is too! Phil told us -" I found the Redwing a superb kit and a pleasure to build, the quality of the wood and the laser cutting is first class. I can't see how you can improve on this particular kit." Thanks for the kind words Phil, 14414362 Redwing - Senior Series A photo of Phil's Redwing on display at a BMFA meet at Rochdale, with Fraser's Raven in the background. First flight was also here and in Phils words -"The Redwing flew straight out of my hand with a slight stall and a right circuit. A little down trim and noseweight added, left trim on the rudder and she was soon flying nice slow gentle left hand circuits, perfect! " 14414354 Tomtit - Senior Series Dennis Saxcouburg's Tomtit. Den has modified the wings to include another spar and L shaped Leading edge. He also sanded the ribs down to 1.2mm thickness. 14414355 Tomtit - Senior Series Another view of Dens' Tomtit which clearly shows the modified wing. Den said he modifed the wing as he always thought that the original looked a little bit saggy. Unfortunately at 45g, it came out a little on the heavy side. 14414356 Tomtit - Senior Series A final view of Dens' Tomtit. The model was covered in Esaki tissue and Den used the Chalking Back method to enhance the colours. All in all a very nice little model Den. 14414357 Tomtit - Senior Series Mr Jonathan Rowley built this Tomtit while on Holiday in Norway. 14414358 Tomtit - Senior Series Dawn Patrol! <BR>Another picture of Jonathan's Tomtit. Just needs covering & painting and the jobs a good un. 14414359 Tomtit - Senior Series Carrier Launch!<BR>Jonathan's completed Tomtit launches off a table in a Norwegian forest. He says it did manage to avoid the trees. 14414360 Tomtit - Senior Series Jonathan hand launching the Tomtit. 14414363 Tomtit - Senior Series Another Hand launch shot by Jonathan. <BR>We really like the bright colours Jonathan's used, the yellow prop really adds the finishing touch to a cracking Tomtit. 14414384 Heron - Senior Series Mike Stuart built this lovely Heron. It has a removable nose block and a genuine Frog propeller. 14414389 Heron - Senior Series Another view of Mike's Heron. The colour scheme really gives it a lovely 1930's retro look. A very nice model. 14414394 Tomtit - Senior Series Chris Wheatley built this Tomtit. It's only his second balsa/tissue model he has built. 14414397 Tomtit - Senior Series Another view of Chris's Tomtit. 14414400 Tomtit - Senior Series A final view of Chris's Tomtit. A very nice model. 14414403 Widgeon - Senior Series Graham Banham sent this picture of the Widgeon he built. 14414407 Tomtit - Senior Series Tom Ready sent us these pictures of his Tomtit. The decals are home made and finish the job nicely. 14414409 Tomtit - Senior Series Front on view of Tom's Tomtit. 14414410 Pup - Junior Series Mr Andrew Darby sent us this picture of his Pup. He says - " the pup has a 4" Peck prop, 3/4" Peck wheels and 1/8" rubber. The only additions I made were a couple of 1/16" square strips and the rear side, lower positions of bulkheads 2 and 4 to give them a bit more crosswise strength. The Heron is still on the board but I've done the wings and started the fuselage, the parts are excellent and fit together incredibly well. It's been over 20 years since I've built a rubber powered model aeroplane, and these kits which finished production some time before I was even born, have really re-kindled my enthusiasm for the whole hobby. Thanks for your photo Andrew and your kind words. Looking forward to the Heron pictures 14813276 Heron - Senior Series Another of Andrew's models, this time a Heron. Andrew has CNC cut a larger nose bush to allow stretch winding without a removable nose block. 16630580 91629226 91629227 91629228 91629229 Widgeon 157813019 157961033 157961034