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    In the 1950's The British Model Aircraft Manufacturing Co Ltd. (BMA) released a series of kits for Jetex motors,under the brand Skyleada. The Series consisted of two different sizes of model the JETEX 100's and the smaller Flying Scale Star Series for Jetex 50's. The range covered popular jets of the time.
All the models had proper airframes with built-up wings, the formers were shaped where the stringers passed through, which avoided the 'starved' look that  models suffered from, the downside being that the fuselage wasn't scale. That's not to say that you wouldn't be pleased with the results though!  

Although originally designed for the Jetex 50 & 100 Size motors, they are also capable of flying with a Rapier motor.
Click here for a Guide on making a simple motor mount Tube suitable for these models.

The 100 Series for Jetex 100 or Rapier L2/L3 had 4 models in the range;


De Havilland Comet - Wingspan 24", Lenght  20"                English Electric Canberra - Wingspan 21", Lenght 21.75"


AVRO Vulcan - Wingspan 20", Lenght 18.5"                          Douglas Skyray - Wingspan 17", Lenght 21"

The Flying Scale Star Series for Jetex 50 had 16 models in the range;

    AVRO 707a - 13" Wingspan       Chance-Vought Cutlass F7U-3 - 13" Wingspan

Percival Jet Provost - 16" Wingspan

    Folland Gnat - 12" WingspanHawker Hunter - 13" Wingspan   

Gloster Javelin - 13.25" Wingspan

      MiG 15-15" Wingspan                  Mystere IV -15" Wingspan

Y-F100 Super Sabre - 14" Wingspan

Supermarine Swift- 13" Wingspan      Republic F-84 Thunderjet - 13" Wingspan

De Havilland Venom N.F.20.- 16" Wingspan

De Havilland 110 - 16" Wingspan       North American F86 Sabre - 16" Wingspan

Two of the kits were smaller versions of the 100's Comet & Vulcan.

Each Kit in Both the 100 & Flying Scale Star Series include;

  • Full Strip Wood, in the original sizes.
  • Balsa Nose & Tail Blocks. (Where required)
  • Stiff Paper Parts. (Such as Motor Trough, Wing Fillets etc.)

  • Aluminium Foil for Motor Trough.

  • Full Building & Flying Instructions.

  • High Quality Japanese Esaki Tissue for covering. (2 Sheets for 100 series kits)
  • Detailed Vac-Form Clear Canopy or Accetate Sheet (for Comet)

To complete the models you will also require - Balsa Cement/Wood Glue, Pins, Knife, Pliers & Cellulose Dope.

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