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To give you an idea of what our kits are like here are some photographs of the Widgeon.

 Each kit comes in a sturdy box made from recycled cardboard. Every part of the kit is made from high quality materials including a Peck Polymer propeller, Esaki tissue & hand selected quality Balsa. We've even included the wing tips - laser cut of course!

A close up of the tailplane & ribs. We've included a parts number list so that you can easily identify parts. All you need to do is cut the small tabs to remove the piece.

The laser that we use has a beam width of 0.2mm - This allows us to produce very accurate & consistent cutting which is far superior to the original's die-cut parts.

Each plan has been scanned into the computer & then digitally cleaned. The result is a plan that keeps all the charm of the original without the 'photocopy' scratches we've all come to expect from reproduced vintage plans. 

We are very proud of our Senior Series range. And we hope you will be proud of the results you can achieve with these models.

Whether your an expert or a novice, these kits let you relive the golden era of aeromodelling without the hassle.

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